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Brown, Kaszak, & Associates is a fully licensed and insured private investigations firm strategically positioned in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our agency boasts nationwide capabilities and resources which allow us to successfully manage cases from across the United States, as well as the globe. Our investigative portfolio includes sub rosa investigations, executive level and pre-employment background investigations, ethics hotline investigations, hostile termination management, witness locates, assets discovery, litigation support for civil and criminal cases, loss prevention consulting, employee theft, forensic discovery, forensic interviewing, and more specialized legal services including polygraph exam administration and suspicious death investigations.


A Licensed & Insured Private Investigations Agency

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates is a nationwide provider of investigative services, and has been recognized as a leader in strategic solutions to insurance industries, retail and corporate markets, as well as domestic markets.

Our team was formed by industry leaders who possessed a vision to improve the efficiency and execution of investigations and risk management. In order to bring this vision to life, we knew that key people had to be in place. Investigators, who had excelled in their respective fields, were sought and recruited.

Because of its structure and strong leadership, Brown, Kaszak, & Associates has quickly set the benchmark for others to follow. With innovative strategies and forward thinking, we are able to offer our clients superior results with a quick rate of turnaround, resulting in reduced service expenditure.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates