Hiring a Private Investigator When you're ready to get your investigation started

Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time researching various private investigations firms and weighing the decision to move forward with finding out the truth.  We understand how difficult these situations can be and we encourage you to take your time.  Think long and hard about whether hiring a private investigator is the right decision for you.  Any action that could potentially alter your course of life should always be carefully considered.  If, after weighing all your choices, you decide that hiring an investigator is the right path for you, you can rest assured that it’s a simple process:

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STEP 1: Make Contact

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When you’re ready to take that step and hire a private investigator, the first thing to do is make contact by using our online contact form.  Our phone line is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and our investigators are always ready to speak with you concerning the circumstances of your case.  If you would rather contact an investigator online, our online contact form can be completed anytime, day or night, and an investigator will respond to you within 24 hours.

Once you are speaking with an investigator and sharing your concerns and the events that have led you to call a private investigator, you will be asked several questions.  Please know that this is not a matter of an investigator being nosy or trying to pry.  Our investigators simply want to gather as much relevant information so that they can appropriately assess your case, how and if we can help, and the level of difficulty that your specific case will present.  You will find however, that our experienced investigators understand the emotions involved in difficult circumstances and are personable and easy to talk to.

STEP 2: Paperwork

Sign a Retainer Agreement and Pay a Retainer Fee

Once you’ve shared the specifics of your case with an investigator, and the investigator has had an opportunity to ask you further questions, the investigator will then be able to make recommendations as how to proceed.  Based on several factors, such as the degree of difficulty surrounding your case, the amount of investigators that will likely have to be assigned, and the type of investigation, the investigator will let you know a reasonable cost of service and the retainer fee that will be required.

Should you elect to retain our services, a Retainer Agreement will be signed or e-signed, depending on whether you are with the investigator or communicating through other means.  (eSign directions)  This Agreement spells out the details of your case and establishes the ground rules, so to speak, from the beginning so we both have reasonable expectations of each other.  For instance, it specifies the amount per hour that you will be billed and it also explains how often you can expect to receive updates.  Once the Retainer Agreement is signed, payment can be made via check, cash, or credit card.

STEP 3: Investigation

Be available while we conduct our investigation

Once our investigative services have been retained, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.  Although preliminaries can often begin based on information provided during the consultation, our investigations usually begin with a formal request by the investigator for any documentation that may aid in the case.  For example, dates of significant events, descriptions of anything relevant to your case, vehicle tag numbers, or known names of associates are all commonly requested pieces of information, among other documentation.

While we conduct our investigation, we ask that our clients be available.  Often, clients think of further information that they may have forgotten to mention initially and it’s always a good thing when cases are on our clients’ mind.  Additionally, there are plenty of times when a new piece of information is uncovered and we must discuss it with our clients.  The bulk of activity in the case will be on our part during this timeframe, but you will still receive updates and it is important that you remain an available party in the investigative process.

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