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Maryland Private Investigators

Maryland Private Investigators

What to Expect When Hiring One

Maryland Private Investigators: Fully-licensed, insured MD Investigators. See us on Dateline NBC. 20+yrs experience. We are results-driven.

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve most likely spent considerable time online researching licensed Maryland private investigators, discovering their expertise and qualifications, and determining which agency would best fit your needs.  While conducting your due diligence, you’ve likely also wrestled with the decision to move forward in seeking truth, or to let the matter rest.  At least for the moment.

The licensed Maryland private investigators at Brown, Kaszak, & Associates understand how complex these situations are.  We know that there are a myriad of circumstances that can compel folks to entrust their search for truth into the hands of private investigators. Because the life events you may be experiencing are difficult, and often life changing, we encourage prospective clients to not rush in, but rather contemplate the best course of action before committing. For those circumstances that are particularly life-altering, we also encourage folks to seek counsel from their attorney.

So, take your time, think long and hard about whether hiring a private investigator is the proper course of action for this juncture of life.  Should you find yourself wondering about the process involved with hiring Maryland private investigators, we’ve compiled the following list to give you just an idea of what to expect.

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Take Advantage of Free, Confidential Consultations

Maryland private investigators typically offer confidential, free consultations as a standard practice.  This certainly holds true for Brown, Kaszak, & Associates.  This initial consultation serves two purposes: 1) to qualify your case for legal parameters, as well as for the scope of difficulty and feasibility, and 2) to earn the opportunity to “win” your business.  You lose nothing by contacting our firm, or any other firm that offers free consultations, so by all means, take advantage of this freebie.  In fact, in some instances, honest Maryland private investigators have even provided suggestions during these consultations that have allowed prospective clients to pursue other avenues of resolution which saved them money.

Once you do pick up the phone, be prepared because you will be asked several questions, many of which will be personal in nature.  Do not misconstrue this as nosiness.  Experienced Maryland private investigators will know which areas to hone in on and which questions to ask in their effort to obtain as much relevant information as possible to assess your case.

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Choose the Investigator that's Right for You

Once you’ve done your homework, and you’ve discussed the specifics of your case with a few Maryland private investigators, now is the time that you may decide to hire a private detective.  Rapport is certainly an important component to your decision, but don’t allow a winning personality to overshadow other important considerations.  For instance, what experience does the investigator possess?  Does he or she boast any industry certifications or prior law enforcement experience?  Is the private investigations agency insured?  And, of course, did you verify their licensure?  Assuming you’re confident of your decision, you would then advise the private investigations firm that you would like to retain their services, which brings us to step 3…

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Sign a Retainer Agreement & Pay a Retainer Fee

Once you’ve decided which investigator you would like to hire, you will be given a Retainer Agreement which specifies the terms of the Agreement, the rates to be paid, the investigative assignment, and other such specifics.  A retainer will also be paid at the time of signing.  If you’ve ever worked with an attorney, you will be familiar with this process.  The retainer is funded up front and the private investigator will bill against the retainer during the course of the investigation.

During the initial consultation, the investigator will do his or her best to assess the case, the investigative assignment, and the logistics and manpower that would be necessary to achieve the desired end.  This is what determines the retainer that is required to start the investigation.  Occasionally, the case may conclude before the retainer is depleted, in which event the remaining balance is refunded to the client.  On the other hand, sometimes cases take turns or new information uncovered causes a client to want further investigative work done.  In this case, when the retainer has been exhausted, the client can choose to increase his or her budget.

And, while we’re discussing retainers, let us present a quick point for you to consider.  In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of private investigations firms that use a “No Retainer” policy as a selling point.  At first glance, this certainly sounds fantastic and just may coax some prospects in that direction. However, the Retainer Agreement exists to protect not only us, the private investigations firm, but you as the client.  Think about all the problems that could arise without rates, scope of work, or roles and responsibilities defined in writing.  While “No Retainer” promises can certainly go off without a hitch, it is no stretch of the imagination that they present a host of scenarios that could go wrong.  Retainer Agreements are not obstacles to be avoided, they are for the protection of all parties involved.

Our firm primarily utilizes Adobe Sign to execute Retainer Agreements.  Our investigators are available to meet in person as well, but we find that most of our clients enjoy the ease and convenience of being emailed the Agreement to review at their leisure.  If they choose to proceed, they simply e-sign the Retainer Agreement and Credit Card Authorization right from their computer or smart phone.  It simply could not be any easier. 

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Be Available During Your Investigation

Once investigative services have been retained, an investigation is officially opened and investigators get to work.  Different firms have different processes, but for us, after the case is entered in our case management system, you will receive an email advising you of the case number that has been assigned, as well as other information that you may need to know as we begin the investigation.  This initial email will also contain a request for detailed information that is pertinent to your case.  For example, dates of birth, timelines, license plate numbers, addresses, workplaces, or other types of information, depending on the type of case, will be requested.

During the course of any investigation, clients are encouraged to be available. Much of the time, clients think of additional information that was inadvertently left out.  If this occurs, it is helpful for the client to share that information when it is remembered.  Otherwise, the bulk of activity at this point will be on the part of the private investigations agency.  The client will still receive periodic updates and it is important that he/she remain an available party in the investigative process.

The length of the investigation will vary depending on the case itself. If you have questions in between case updates, you are always welcome to call us directly. While we hire only the finest, most seasoned investigators, and we’re driven to achieve results for our clients, it is important to understand that there are no guarantees that any investigation will result in any certain outcome. This is similar to unsolved crimes or other such matters for which there is no definitive resolution. While we endeavor to keep our clients from experiencing this unfortunate reality, it is, in fact, a reality and one that any reputable private investigations firm would do well to inform clients of at the beginning.

Rest assured, the investigators at Brown, Kaszak, & Associates understand that our business is dependent on how well we do our job.  We aim to bring definitive, speedy resolution to any matter.  Once a case is completed, our agency closes it out and provides a final investigative report, along with copies of electronic evidence obtained.  We will also work with an attorney if requested.  An invoice will also be provided at the case conclusion and will outline the cost associated with the investigation.  At this time, a refund will be issued if there is one due.

So, there you have it.  Hiring a private investigator is a simple process that should not add any anxiety to your life.  If you’re considering contacting a private investigator, let us encourage you to reach out today.  After all, you have nothing to lose and may actually have a lot to gain from learning the ways a private investigator can aid in your particular situation.  Contact us today!

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