Mission, Vision, & ValuesOur Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Through education, technology, innovation, and creativity, we will provide investigative and information solutions unmatched by all others in our field.  Each and every case will be treated with the utmost respect and discretion.  We will strive for excellence, exceed our customers’ expectations, and affirm each client’s confidence in Brown, Kaszak, & Associates.

Our Vision

We are results driven.

Our Core Values

At Brown, Kaszak, & Associates, our Core Values provide a firm foundation upon which we conduct our business.  These core values guide our actions and serve as the basis upon which we interact with our colleagues, clients, vendors, and the surrounding community.  We believe that success is due, in part, to clearly defining these values and the high standards with which we choose to operate.

Honest & Ethical

At Brown, Kaszak, & Associates, ethics will never be compromised.  Honesty is the cornerstone of our business and is imperative to the integrity of our investigations.  We abide by the spirit of the law and we deal equitably in all of our business relationships.


Our relationships matter.   Our clients are the lifeblood of our business.  We strive to understand, anticipate, and fulfill their needs to the best of our ability.  Our team members are our most valuable assets.  We believe that in appreciating and empowering them, they will, in turn, take great care of our clients.


Results matter for our clients and are crucial for our business success.  Therefore, we promote a corporate culture which values characteristics congruent with ethically-obtained results.  We embrace curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and nurture a go-getter spirit.

Pursuit of Excellence

At Brown, Kaszak, & Associates, excellence is a priority.  We work to inspire and foster a growth mindset so, individually and corporately, we relentlessly pursue excellence.  We diligently work to exceed our Client’s expectations and affirm their confidence in our organization and our people.

Creative & Innovative

The ability to think outside of the box is paramount to our success as an organization.  We champion creativity and innovation in investigative strategy and will never stifle sound proactivity.

Qualified & Competent

We believe our organization is at its best when our people are the best.  We welcome those into our organization that demonstrate a high level of competence and possess the necessary qualifications to perform the job well.  We also keep our eyes open for new talent that is willing to roll their sleeves up and do the hard work of becoming the best.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates