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Brown, Kaszak, & Associates offers comprehensive background and investigative services to private citizens, hiring managers, business decision makers, corporate executives, and attorneys, to name a few.  Our background investigative services are designed to provide clients with the information they need in order to make informed decisions that protect their interests.  Some of our background investigative services include the following:

Employment Screenings

Our pre-employment screening services goes unmatched in the industry.  We offer up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information which allows you to make the best hiring decisions for your organization.  Our agents are mindful of governing laws, freeing you to obtain desired information about a candidate without violating applicable law(s).  [ Read More ]

Law Firms

There are times when a law firm’s in-house private investigator simply does not have the expertise to probe the right database and/or human resource elements for witness locates or defendant investigations.  In these instances, attorneys can rely on Brown, Kaszak, & Associates to obtain the information they need for their case.

Private Citizens

Getting ready to tie the knot and need to put suspicions to rest regarding your future spouse?  Do you have a child that is involved with someone you believe to be dishonest about his or her financial or criminal history?  No matter the domestic issue, our background agents can source accurate data to help you plan for your future.

Executive Level Background Investigations

Recent headlines cite several cases where CEOs have misstated their resumes. This type of fraudulent action can cost your company millions in shareholder confidence and the damage to your corporate reputation can be long lasting.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates provides in-depth, comprehensive, executive level background investigations for those individuals selected for C-Suite positions, partner- or associate-level personnel in the legal, financial, and medical communities, prospective business partners, and any other employees requiring close scrutiny due to positions of trust in which his or her character and integrity are paramount to your organization.

The Executive Level Background Identifies:

  • Overstatement of qualifications & education
  • Falsification of career achievements & awards
  • Work history embellishment
  • History of litigious activity
  • Reputation in the community

The Executive Level Background is inclusive of verification of:

  • Personal History
  • Residential
  • Employment & professional verification
  • Education, license, & professional affiliations
  • Legal
  • Financial, bankruptcy, & SEC filings
  • Military
  • Medical & psychiatric
  • Conflict of interest
  • Litigation
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