Criminal Defense Investigations When Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Cannot Be Found

Criminal Defense Investigations

The professional investigators at Brown, Kaszak, & Associates work closely with clients and their lawyers to distinguish the facts of the case from what is, traditionally, a one-sided investigation presented by law enforcement. Sometimes these investigations by law enforcement implicate the wrong person in the commission of a crime. Mistakes can be made, or worse, law enforcement personnel could be acting in a manner that is not objective of the law.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates uses a highly experienced, professional team of former law enforcement investigators and veteran detectives, including narcotics and homicide detectives, who can even the odds of an unjust or misguided criminal investigation. Our team will work with you and your lawyers to acquire the evidence needed to mount a criminal defense or overturn a wrongful conviction.

The criminal defense investigations team at Brown, Kaszak, & Associates provides confidential investigations and will follow up and exhaust every lead to prove your innocence. Call Brown, Kaszak, & Associates today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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Criminal Defense Investigations
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