Life Insurance Fraud
When Death becomes Profitable

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates has been featured on Dateline and TrueCrime for a homicide for profit case involving Karl Karlsen.  Homicide for profit is the killing – or arrangement for the killing – of an individual in order to collect insurance payouts.  In most cases, the death is made to look like an accident or random crime of violence.  In the Karlsen case, the New York homicide was staged to look like an accident, and it was further discovered that Karlsen committed a prior homicide for profit in California.

Beyond an investigative process for traditional homicide investigation, a homicide for profit investigation almost always follows the money, and identifies who stands to benefit from a death.  Brown, Kaszak, & Associates conducts the investigation into the deceased to establish movements prior to the time of death as well as to examine the background of the deceased in order to gather as much information as possible.  This includes examining:

  • Relatives
  • Friends and Romantic Associations
  • Employment
  • Finances
  • Lifestyle (Criminal History, Narcotic Use, etc.)
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