Private Investigators Bradenton FL

Private Investigators Bradenton FL

Private Investigators Bradenton FL

Private Investigators Bradenton, FL: Brown, Kaszak, & Associates is a fully licensed and insured private investigations firm serving Florida & Maryland. Our agency boasts nationwide capabilities and resources which allow us to successfully manage cases not only in Bradenton, FL, but across the United States as well. Private Investigators Bradenton FL.

The Business of Business Investigations
By: A Florida Private Investigator

Private investigations and spying are often, mistakenly, considered to be one and the same.  However, it’s important to deconstruct this assumption so that a new, more accurate representation of private investigations – and private investigators – can be established in its place. 

Certainly, spying and being a licensed Private Detective are not the same.  In fact, many private investigators in Bradenton, FL, as well as across the nation, take some degree of humor (or offense) to the implication that they are a spy.

From a practical matter, anyone can spy.  However, not everyone can be a licensed private Investigator.  Florida, as well as the majority of other states, have licensing requirements, education standards, testing, and qualifications which must be met prior to the application process.  Additionally, rigorous background checks must be conducted by not only the state, but by federal agencies as well.

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Now that we’ve addressed a prevailing misconception head on, and hopefully given each visitor with us today a better idea of what we are (and are not) let us move on to the topic at hand: Business Investigations.  (Click here to view our business investigations webpage.)

If today’s blog peaked your interest, we will assume that you are a business owner, executive, or human resource professional.  

In business, as you are well aware, there is (or, at least, should be) due diligence involved in the important business decisions that are made. For instance, before a marketing budget is approved, there will likely be some due diligence and ROI considerations.  Or, suppose a business is interested in purchasing a competitor.  A need will undoubtedly exist for a forensic review of assets and/or potential liabilities.  This is due diligence.  And, it is so vital and so crucial to sound business decisions. 

It is true.  Any individual with basic business acumen can peruse a ledger in order to obtain a base understanding as to the company’s financial viability. However, this is assuming that the ledger is, in fact, a true reflection of the business’ finances and that nothing has been altered to preserve the company’s appeal to the purchaser.  Unfortunately, another point that must be kept in mind is that a snapshot is usually only what is seen- the carefully chosen pieces that create the illusion or storyline that the seller wishes to be believed.  

Okay, so perhaps you aren’t working on a marketing budget or looking to purchase a competitor.  Don’t write us off just yet.  There are certainly other business investigations that can aid you.

For instance, hiring decisions.  Are you looking to hire?  Or, maybe you’ve just hired new personnel?  Of course, some positions should inherently involve stringent investigation into the candidate’s background and character.  A bookkeeper, for example.

Suppose you hired a new employee to manage your books.  This individual came highly recommended and was content with a salary only a fraction of what you previously paid for the position.  An added bonus?  You’ve added “answering phones” to the job description so suddenly you’re paying less but getting more!  You know, it’s brilliant that you did your due diligence and had a thorough, multi-state background check conducted on the candidate prior to hiring.

Or did you?

It’s these situations that have the potential to harm your business if you haven’t considered a business investigation to protect your interests.  After all, you don’t want to end up like so many companies in which a bookkeeper, or someone with a great deal of access, was able to find a company vulnerability and funnel money out from under your nose.

I think you get the idea.  Business investigations are a big deal.  Due diligence can make the difference between a make-or-break scenario.  What can be inferred, then, is that the organization that is hired to conduct your business investigations and due diligence should be also given considerable thought and research.  

At the beginning of this blog entry, I stated that there is a clear distinction between spying and licensed private investigations.  As a Florida business owner or executive, make sure that you do your due diligence when it comes to the Florida Private Investigator that you hire.  Make sure that the private investigator is licensed, has insurance, and – equally important –  has experience.  Make sure that the individual or agency understands your circumstances, can make recommendations accordingly, and is willing to manage your expectations rather than make false promises.  Finally, make sure that there is a written Retainer Agreement in place which spells out the investigative assignment as well as the terms and conditions of the engagement.

If you are in need of a private Investigator in Bradenton, FL, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  All calls are confidential and initial consultations are free of charge.

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