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Tampa Private Investigators: Brown, Kaszak, & Associates is a fully licensed and insured private investigations firm serving Florida and Maryland. Our agency boasts nationwide capabilities and resources which allow us to successfully manage cases not only in Tampa, FL, but across the United States as well.

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Welcome to the Blog of Brown, Kaszak, & Associates, a Florida and Maryland licensed Private Investigations Agency. Today’s blog post will briefly touch on fraud schemes investigations, but if you have searched for Private Investigators in Tampa, FL and have need of a different investigative service, we invite you to view our service offerings to learn just how we may aid in your specific situation.


Fraud schemes have existed from the dawn of civilization and, as technology and knowledge have increased, so has the complexity and corruption involved in these schemes.  Gone are the days of the door-to-door salesman / con man and more and more common are the creatively deceptive cyber criminals.

There is no shortage of scams in which unsuspecting individuals can be victimized.  In fact, the FBI has created their own comprehensive list of common fraud schemes along with various methods that can be utilized to minimize the risk of falling prey to fraudsters.  This resource is one we encourage everyone to take advantage of to gain a better understanding of how extensive fraud schemes are and how individuals can best protect their interests. 

For those victimized by con men and their fraud schemes, time is often of the essence in investigating and resolving these types of cases.  In these instances, it is imperative that the victim provide an accurate and detailed account of the events leading up to the discovery of fraud with a seasoned, knowledgeable investigator.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates, a licensed, Florida and Maryland private investigations agency, employs industry professionals that have the experience and investigative prowess to spearhead any fraud investigation.  With an emphasis on timely, yet thorough investigative work, our private investigators can diligently work toward a resolution of a number of fraud cases, including but not limited to:

  • Product Diversion & Gray Market
  • Romance Scams
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Investment Scams
  • Rental Scams
  • Vehicle Sale Scam
  • Craigslist / Social Media Scam
  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Letter / Mail Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Advance Fee Scams
  • IRS / Bank Fee Scams
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • And more!


If you believe that you are the victim of a scam or fraud scheme, contact Brown, Kaszak, & Associates for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case.

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